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Alison Junda Collaboration

Alison Junda

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with coastal New Jersey based Interior Designer and visual artist, Alison Junda.  She lives a coastal lifestyle, has a dreamy aesthetic, and an Interior Design degree from East Carolina University.  That makes her the PERFECT person to collaborate with a coastal North Carolina based apparel brand that used to be a carpentry and design company🤣.  SHOP HERE

Technically, this isn’t our first collaboration with Alison.  In the summer of 2016 I wanted to design a shirt for our core product line. I wanted it to feature a vintage truck with some other coastal iconography.  I didn’t know EXACTLY what I wanted, but I knew exactly how I wanted it to feel - if that makes any sense(?).  I saw this painting on Instagram and knew I had to reach out to her.  I wasn’t EXACTLY sure how we were going to translate a textured painting to a garment, but like everything around here, we jump and wait for the net to appear🏄🐓. 

That shirt was very successful, and lead to us doing a few others together.  This old dodge on a berry red long sleeve is by far my favorite to date:
About a year after we started designing the vintage truck shirts, Beach & Barn created Surfing Rooster Studios as a vehicle for us to collaborate with creative people (outside of our core product line) who saw life through the same lens we do.  That lens has lots of family, friends, hard work, relaxation, and comfort in it.  When it felt like Surfing Rooster Studios had plenty of sawdust, welding rods, marsh muck, and beards in it - Alison was the first person I reached out to.  I knew she could help us bring out the more relaxing side of that lens.
Alison had an immediate vision for what she wanted to do - and like most right brainers, decided it would be better to send me a mockup of the idea instead of explain it.  Outside of a few technical changes and translations to fabric, the shirt we made together is a true interpretation of her original vision: a re-telling of her classic navy blue large canvas wave paintings.

The top is available in White Sand, and Green Coast colors.  It is light, soft, comfortable, and like all of Alison’s art - inspires old and new memories full of sandy feet, outdoor showers, and long drives home after a well lived week.