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There is a a LOT to celebrate with our buddy Ana Shellem coming on board as a product collaborator.  She is our first:

-Female Collaborator

-Hometown (Wilmington, NC) Collaborator

-Seafood Collaborator

She grew up in Chattanooga, TN using hot dogs as bait while fishing with her dad.  After a stint in NYC learning the restaurant business, she made her way to Wrightsville Beach, NC where her husband taught here the ins and out of shellfishing.

She's been commercial fishing full time since September of 2017 and hasn't looked back.  Local institutions like Catch, and Dockside count on Ana to bring them the freshest, highest quality shellfish - and we're hoping that as a Surfing Rooster Studios collaborator, a small percentage of her daily catch finds it's way into the Beach & Barn company steam pot!


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