Sale - Caulk Gun Snapback

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Sometimes, no matter how many times you measure that cut, or try to perfect a miter, you just come up short.  But wait!  Nobody has seen the gap yet, and you are out of material.  What do you do?  Do you do what any self respecting tradesman would do and pack the tools up, lock the project down, drive to the hardware store, and buy another stick of trim - OR do you go to the truck, find the tube of caulk that's been rolling around for 2 years, pull the roofing nail out of the end, and fill that gorge with some carpenter's helper?

This hat is perfect for the handyman in your life that is "good enough" - or the guy on the crew who always needs a little help from a tube of white lightning.

Funny Message - Seriously High Quality Hat and Superior Embroidery.