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Cropduster Straw Hat

!!!!!!DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT THROUGH THIS WEBSITE!!!!!  To get yours,  CALL:(910) 796-9997

At the beginning of the summer, we had a small batch of these durable, high quality, (and fun) straw hats made for ourselves - and as a way to say, "Thank You" to some of our biggest supporters.  Thanks to all of our Facebook and Instagram friends they have turned into our hottest product of the summer

But, here's the thing:  Shipping on these is tricky because of their size, and it costs more to send them to one part of the country than another.  So up until now, they have only been available at retailers around Wilmington, NC - but we just got a new shipment in, and our buddies at Dragonflies are going to ship this limited quantity for us!

Good luck getting yours! 

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT THROUGH THIS WEBSITE!!!!! To get yours, CALL:(910) 796-9997