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Azalea Festival Tour Tee

Color: Black
Size: S

We go out of our way to bake the vibe of our Wilmington, NC hometown into every product we design and build.  That's never been easier than with our brand new collaboration with the North Carolina Azalea Festival.

For you foreigners, established in 1948, the Azalea Festival and Wilmington go together like oysters & barbecue, boats & repair bills, and beaches & barns.

While the festival is best known for a week of local food events, a parade, an iconic😉 Garden Party, and a massive street fair - it’s the live music that rings the Beach & Barn crew’s bell every year🔔.

With that in mind, when we were approached about collaborating with the 2024 Azalea Festival, our first thought was, “⚡️let’s design a killer Music Fest merch collection⚡️”.  The festival was immediately on board, and helped us dial in a design that captures both the floral tradition of the festival, with a bold update.

These collab tees are printed on the same 100% Agri-Coastal™️ Cotton tees that Beach & Barn fans have known and loved for years - and are printed here in the Carolinas.

  • 100% Pre-Shrunk Agri-Coastal™️ Cotton
  • Ringspun Cotton
  • Standard Unisex Fit
  • True to Size Fitting