Our Team

Rusty Meador - Chief Distraction Officer

Favorite Food:  Fish Tacos (Mahi.  Always Mahi.)
Favorite Beach & Barn Product:  Make Hard Work Cool Again Trucker
Rusty grew up in Martinsville, VA - a small mountain town once famous for 3 things:  Textiles, Furniture, and Motorsports.  As such, it is fitting that he runs an apparel company, builds custom furniture, and sneaks away on dirt bikes to get away from "shirts and sawdust".  Rusty has been diagnosed with a rare form of A.D.D that makes the sufferer transform a perfectly successful remodeling\carpentry company into an apparel brand.  Entrepreneur Magazine was so intrigued with the diagnosis, they featured him in a story about it.  Rusty lives with his wife and two small children in Wilmington, NC where he is a horrible surfer, and an even worse fly fisherman.

Watson Barnes - Chief Focus Officer

Favorite Food:  Steak (You can take the boy out of Wilson....)
Favorite Beach & Barn Product:  Standard Surfing Rooster™ Logo Trucker
Watson grew up in the small, farm town of Wilson, North Carolina.  He has extensive experience in operations, finance, accounting, small business acquisition and divestiture.  What that all basically means is that when Beach & Barn does something super risky, that was most likely Rusty's doing - and when you see that thing corrected, that was most likely Watson's.  In 1996, Watson permanently moved to Wilmington, NC and traded rural life for the coast.  He has two grown children and a patient wife.

Katy Watson - The Other Intern

Favorite Food:  Mahi Fish Tacos (copycat)
Favorite Beach & Barn Product: Taco Meat Short Sleeve
Favorite Quote: "I'll do my best, but I'd just like to say that I don't feel that I have been properly trained to successfully complete this task."
Most internship applications inquire about your administrative skills, and attention to detail.  We get to that eventually, but what we really want to know is whether you are as enthusiastic about "the life" as we are.  Katy is the first applicant that has made US wonder if WE are hard core enough to hang out with HER.  On more than one occasion we have caught her camping on the beach, surf fishing for sharks, or napping under a pier in a hammock when she should be packing boxes, mailing stickers, or dancing behind a photographer and making models laugh (her most valuable contribution to date).  She also learned to ride a dirtbike before she learned to ride a regular bike - which is why she really got the intern gig.  Katy is from landlocked Burlington, NC and is a sophomore at UNCW.  She doesn't know what her major will be, but she wants one that will qualify her to travel the country in a VW bus full of all types of boards, and fishing rods.

Ian Barnes - The Other Other Intern

Favorite Adventure:  Searching for waves with his mom
Favorite Beach & Barn Product:  Standard Surfing Rooster™ Logo Trucker
Ian is a Wilmington, NC native who has an equal appreciation for sand and mud.  He is a sophomore at NC State and is scheduled to graduate in 2019 (Right, Ian?).  Ian has sniffed out waves in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and El Salvador, but has a soft spot in his heart for Masonboro Island, and the Outer Banks.  Legend has it that Ian was the recipient of one of the first non-employee Beach & Barn shirts a long time ago.  Ian is very good at assembling things in a logical, organized manner - a skill set called upon frequently at the many oyster roasts, clam bakes, pig pickings, and shrimp boils we participate in every year.