Big Gulf Mahi T-Shirt - Long Sleeve

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Whether you call them Mahi, Dolphin, or Dorado - there are 2 things that are universally agreed upon about these warm water loving Gulf Stream dwellers.

1.  They taste great in fish tacos.

2. You can't find a better looking Mahi shirt than this one.

This shirt is 100% combed cotton.  That's the good, soft stuff that "favorite shirts" are made of.  It's not too heavy and it's not too thin.  

But comfort isn't the only thing this shirt has going for it.  Once we decide on the perfect sketch, all of our Big Gulf Collection designs are first HAND-CHISELED into a solid piece of White Ash wood.  This step gives our designs the unique, rustic Beach & Barn character we are known for.  Once that's done, the wood is inked, and the design is pressed onto a piece of artisan paper.  Then we spend an obscene amount of time obsessing over the colors that will make our designs uniquely ours - while staying true to the natural coloring of these beautiful fish.  Then we digitize the image and prepare it to be screen printed by hand, right here in Wilmington, North Carolina.  And if that's not enough, we turn that shirt around and put our trademark Surfing Rooster on the front - to guarantee that these shirts are one of a kind originals.