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Metal and Wood Unstructured Hat

We are THRILLED to announce our hat collaboration with John Malecki.  John is a multi-disciplinary maker from Pittsburgh, PA that not only creates beautiful works of art at his shop, Metal & Wood - but he also uses social media to inspire others with podcasts, his Instagram feed, and Youtube channel.

The design on his hat was a small detail in his logo that looks like both a plank bowtie and the letters "M" and "W" to signify Metal and Wood.  We felt this brilliant little detail needed a little brighter light shined on it - so we made it bigger and put it smack on the front of THE BEST UNSTRUCTURED HAT you will find...anywhere!

-Full Size Hat
-Standard Crown Height
-Flexible Brim With Short Break In Time
-Snapback Enclosure
-Soft, High Quality Back Mesh