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Rusty Meador

Chief Distraction Officer

Favorite Food:  Fish Tacos (Mahi.  Always Mahi.)
Favorite Beach & Barn Product:  Make Hard Work Cool Again Trucker

Rusty grew up in Martinsville, VA - a small mountain town once famous for 3 things:  Textiles, Furniture, and Motorsports.  As such, it is fitting that he runs an apparel company, builds custom furniture, and sneaks away on dirt bikes to get away from "shirts and sawdust".  Rusty has been diagnosed with a rare form of A.D.D that makes the sufferer transform a perfectly successful carpentry company into an apparel brand.  Entrepreneur Magazine was so intrigued with the diagnosis, they featured him in a story about it.  Rusty lives with his wife and two small children in Wilmington, NC where he is a horrible surfer, and an even worse fly fisherman.