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Describing Beach & Barn in words is pretty tough - but here's our best shot:

Our brand casts a wide net.  The people that get tangled up in that net have most likely spent a good part of their life in a landlocked podunk town, and are no strangers to a little bait shop gossip.  They've also logged some hours dreaming about, vacationing, or living at the coast.

As wide as our net may be, we can't be everything to everyone, so we focus on outdoor enthusiasts and "casualists" that want comfortable, quality clothes that give a fun, unpretentious vibe.  

Our products come alive once you've removed the technical gear, showered up, have the fire pit roarin', grill sizzlin', hammock driftin', and the surf rock/bluegrass playlist rippin' through a half-charged bluetooth speaker.  

We call it, The Adventure After The Adventure™️

Our design workshop and 6000 square foot warehouse are located in a "recycled" historic Coca-Cola bottling plant in Downtown Wilmington, NC.  Our in-house customer service department is located in the same building, and is always ready to make good on our Gentleman's Agreement Customer Service Policy.

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