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Beach & Barn & Boat Lightweight Towel

Color: Navy/White
Size: Standard

The Beach & Barn & Boat Towel is much more than a towel - and it’s made for everything you love to do.

Stopping by the beach for a last minute swim?  Carry it along knowing that the sand repellant fabric won’t bring the beach to your car.  Headed out on the boat?  Stow this flat packing, super absorbent piece in your dry-bag.

The versatility of this 30” x 72” (6 feet!) fast drying monster means that you will find tons of uses for it.  It’s a last minute yoga mat, a blanket at an outdoor amphitheater, or can be used as the absolutely best travel towel you’ve ever used.

  • Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles
  • Dries 4x Faster Than A Traditional Terry Cloth Towel
  • Sand Resistant
  • Slim Pack Size