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Surfing Rooster Sticker Decal

Color: White
Size: 8"

You may know that Beach & Barn started as a carpentry company in Coastal North Carolina.  When I tell you we had NO money for marketing, I mean we had NO money for marketing.  What we did have was a buddy that could print these high quality vinyl stickers (in bulk) in exchange for various shiplap installs, rustic bathroom vanities, etc.  Before long our little coastal town was crawling with Surfing Roosters on the back of cars - and what's better?  Most people that had them on their cars didn't even know what the sticker meant.  They just related to a Surfing Rooster for some reason - and wanted to share the love!

  • High quality exterior grade vinyl
  • Won't peel, won't fade
  • Won't damage your paint or your window
  • Easily removable
  • Size: 8" wide